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Find Your Full Potential

Understanding your Personality gives you insight into your Strengths, Blind Spots, and Unconscious Strategies.

You'll become more intentional and effecting in going after what you want, and avoiding what keeps you from what you want.

To start learning about your own strategies, take the brief online assessment, and receive a full profile and feedback from Wes.

The Personal Assessment

This is not a test to simply tell you who you are...

You will receive a full profile explaining which strategies are likely to be the easiest and most useful for you, and which are more taxing.

In addition, you'll learn:

  • Your highest survival strategy
  • What motivates you most
  • How you respond to stress & conflict
  • And so much more!

You'll be able to take in this full knowledge of your unconscious strategies, and make your own decisions about how to define yourself and how to move forward.

The Couples Assessment

With the Couples package, you will each receive your own individual assessment, PLUS:

You'll understand unique Power Team you form together:

  • How you Strengthen each other
  • How you support each other
  • Where you find Balance
  • and Shared Blind Spots

With this awareness, you can improve your communication, connection, and joy together!

Choose an Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be used for teams, families, and other groups?

YES! If you would like to use this assessment for more than 2 people, contact us to get pricing, codes, and other details.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Once the codes are generated for the Online Assessment, the process is complete and refund will not be possible.

However, if you would like to sell or transfer the codes to someone else, send an email for support.

How does this process work?

Upon purchasing, you'll receive an email with codes and instructions to take the online assessment.

Wes will review your results, create your reports, and present them to you in a coaching session or other method of your preference.

Scheduling a coaching session may be required in order to have time to cover the information, ask questions, and understand how to apply this to your personal growth.