With the MNTEST you will amplify and engage your natural abilities to a level you never imagined.

Think of it as a third eye.
Perhaps the eye of the tiger?

The first Human Alignment Tools and Services

Now more than ever, people are looking inwards for answers to challenging life questions.

Our groundbreaking Human Alignment Tools let you go deep—into the heart of your very Natures. Discover an entirely new approach to identifying potential and the ways to align it.

This exciting psychometric test will enable you to discover and align your unique abilities.

Your reports with matching careers, tasks, and hobbies empower guidance and decision-making.

How does it work?

This isn't your typical internet-based personality test.

Through our unique 4-stage process, you'll get precise results, measuring from 3 different perspectives.

That means you can Trust and Act on the information you receive!

  1. Online Assessment (20 min.) - Start by taking our standard 76-question assessment online.
  2. Adaptive Assessment (10 min.) - Next, complete an online adaptive assessment that uses a smart algorithm to provide a second perspective.
  3. Live Assessment (60 min.) - After that, you'll have a Live Assessment with your practitioner, using guided reflection for establishing a third and final set of scores.
  4. Personal Explanation (30 min.) - Finally, you bring the perspectives together to understand your results.

What do you get?

After your personal explanation, you'll receive:

  • Your full report, available online and in PDF format
  • Detailed explanations of your scores for each Intelligence and Nature
  • Descriptions and Metrics explaining how you are suited for your chosen tasks and careers
  • Suggested hobbies and activities to recharge and "feed your tigers"

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