Work Together Better to Create the Life You WANT.

Being in a relationship, you may have experienced more distance, more conflict, more pain. This might not look like the "Happily Ever After" you were hoping for.

But it can be so much better!

The classes in this series will show you how to:

  • Communicate Openly
  • Rebuild Trust
  • Offer the right kind of support
  • Love, and Feel Loved
  • Have more FUN together

About this Course

Each class will combine teaching with workshop activities to enhance your relationship in real-time. We'll touch on topics and principles from relationship and psychology authorities:

  • Enneagram & Personalities
  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
  • Psychology of Emotions & Communication
  • And so much more!!!

Class 1 - Roles: Me vs You vs We

Relationships are about the individuals as well as the "group," and it's important to understand what is your business and what is not. We'll discuss how boundaries, control, beliefs, and emotions impact your experience as well as your partner's.

Class 2 - Balancing Needs & Approaches

We all grew up with differing experiences in life, and problems arise when we don't see beyond our own story. We'll work on how to recognize differing needs, find balance and harmony, and to "use all the tools in the toolbox" to solve problems.

Class 3 - 9 Strategies

This class will focus on the 9 different systems we adopt to get our needs met in life. You'll learn how to recognize these drives in yourself and your partner and have more insight into how to fit the puzzle pieces together.

Class 4 - Practices for a Healthy Relationship

Knowledge may be half the battle, but the only way to make lasting change is to take action. This class will explore a variety of techniques, responses, and activities to resolve conflict, negotiate fairly, and help create the partner and the relationship you want.

Take Steps toward a Healthier Relationship!

What if my partner is not willing to participate?

That's totally fine. Each individual has a LOT of influence in how the relationship evolves. With this education and a little intention, you can single-handedly improve things.

What if my partner wants to participate?

Bring them! Each registration includes yourself and your partner. No extra charge!

Will this still be useful if I'm not in a relationship at the moment?

Absolutely! In fact, it might even be better to learn these things NOW so you can start your next relationship off right!

I want to learn more about these things, but the format or price will not work for me. I need more specific help with my situation. What can I do?

Schedule a brief, private call to receive specific suggestions to help you get what you're looking for. And you can always get started with the books and resources listed HERE.

I am seeing Wes with my husband and I feel like it has helped us out tremendously. He helps you move forward in the moment instead of thinking of the past. It helps my husband and I communicate better. I love the work he does here, and I love the way he approaches things.

― Nicole H.

I really enjoy seeing Wes with my wife. It has been such a wonderful experience gaining the tools to succeed.

― Pablo P.

I came here for self help and marriage counseling. Wes was great. Ever since we came we are more at peace and more able to communicate with each other.

― Ralph G.

Wes is like a Yoda Master, he is full of such sage wisdom that has come from his own personal growth but also years of advanced training. I trust Wes, and I highly recommend you trust him and hire him to help you improve. He helped me grow as a person, he helped my business, and he helped me with my goals and my relationships.

― Joe S.

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